About the Artist

My art delves into the intricate tapestry of women’s roles, both in history and today’s society. By weaving personal experiences into a visual language, I create a bridge between the past and the present, inviting viewers to explore the multifaceted aspects of women’s existence. Through my work, I examine the societal expectations imposed upon women, the enduring traumas we endure, and the ways we navigate the complex world around us.

My artistic journey was ignited by personal encounters with gender discrimination and abuse, where I was constantly told that my voice was ‘strident,’ my presence ‘intimidating,’ and that I should shrink in the face of societal expectations. These experiences have reinforced my determination to resist these influences that seek to silence and diminish women’s voices. This personal fire is what propels me to use my own life and experiences as the raw material for my art narratives.

The choice of medium in my creative process is guided by the subject matter and my accessibility to resources at any given moment. My artistic arsenal includes drawing, painting, printmaking, installation, and sculpture. Drawing inspiration from my background in theater and film, my work takes on the essence of a compelling story or narrative motif.