About the Artist

My art examines the historical and contemporary roles that women are assigned. I bridge the past with the present, fabricating a visual language of images through personal experience. My work explores women’s role in society, the traumas inflicted upon us, and how we navigate the world around us. The type of medium I choose is dictated by the subject matter and what I can have access to at the time. Foundational to my work is drawing and printmaking. Most recently I’ve been focusing on the idea of memory and what we choose to record in photographs and how these photographs become the records of our lives. Using family photos from my great grandparents, my parents, and my own collection for inspiration, I selected images that showed patterns and similarities between generations as well as the distinct differences. Being locked out of printshops during the Covid19 pandemic I had to create prints that could be easily done in my home. This led to utilizing dry point etching and a tiny tabletop printing press to create black and white line drawings that are then hand tinted with watercolor with nothing larger than a 5×6 inch plate. The process of translating these photos allowed me to decide what to include and edit out. I found myself leaving out faces more and more as I created allowing the person to become anyone, a blank slate, for others to fill in.  I am creating a new memory from old ones allowing myself to feel closer to family in a time when we must be so far apart. It is also a way to process the generational patterns that exist and examining how each generation must transform and change them. My desire to focus on these themes grew out of lockdown during the pandemic and being forced to look inward instead of outward for company.